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Access BadgerLink

BadgerLink is licensed for all Wisconsin residents, but only registered Wisconsin networks have automatic access.  If your current network is not registered, log in for immediate access, or contact us to see if we can provide automatic access in the future.  

BadgerLink Access & Authentication Info Sheet

BadgerLink Set-Up Guide: system requirements and basic guidelines for use of the resources. 

Learn more in our FAQs.



Access By Location (in Wisconsin)

At a K-12 school

  • Start your search here or at your school's website if it links to our resources. Most schools will have automatic access via geolocation technology that operates behind-the-scenes. You may be asked to enter a school login or public library barcode at Ask your school library media specialist for assistance or contact us

At a higher education institution

  • Start your search here or at your school's online resource listing, usually on the library website. Some schools have also set up a login for their students available at Ask your school librarian for assistance or contact us.

At a public library

  • Start your search here or at your library's website if it links to our resources. If you are connected to the library's public wireless you may be prompted to enter your library barcode to access.

At home

  • Start your search here. Some users will have automatic access via the geolocation technology that operates behind-the-scenes. If you are not initially recognized as an authorized user, either request access or use our public library barcode/school login. Please note: unfortunately some users will not be granted automatic access due to limited network data provided by their Internet Service Provider. This often happens with nationwide providers.

At work

  • Due to vendor restrictions, most corporate locations do not have automatic access to our resources. Contact us for more information.


  • Wisconsin residents who are temporarily out-out-state, can log in 24/7 from any location using a current public library card number or school login (if available) at BadgerLink does not provide library cards, please contact your local public library for assistance.

Information for Internet Service Providers

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) runs BadgerLink, which provides all Wisconsin residents with access to licensed content including magazines, newspapers, scholarly articles, videos, images, and music. Our resources are not available through regular search engines. We use IP authentication to give Wisconsin residents (including your customers) automatic access to the resources.

Please contact us to add WI-only IP addresses to our system