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What is BadgerLink?

BadgerLink is Wisconsin’s online library which provides access to licensed content such as magazines, newspapers, scholarly articles, videos, images, and music. Want to know more?


Why can't I access BadgerLink?

BadgerLink is licensed for Wisconsin residents and only registered Wisconsin networks have automatic access. 

If you're seeing the Whoops page, your current network is not registered with us. For immediate access, log in with a Wisconsin library card or school barcode (if available) or Contact Us to see if we can get you automatic access in the future. Learn more about how to access BadgerLink. 


Why isn't BadgerLink accepting my login?

Sometimes browsers get confused.  Here's what you should do:

  • Clear your browser's cookies and cache. 
    • Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
    • Select cache, cookies, temporary internet files, history (exact wording varies) – and click delete.
    • Close and re-open your browser. 
  • Navigate back to our Library Card Login page ( and enter your login information again.


I keep getting odd error messages or login screens when trying to access the resources. What's going on?

You may be accessing the resources through incorrect links (bookmarked pages and timed-out sessions are the biggest culprits).  Clear your browser's cache (as described above) and try again through our Resources page (, or if you place links on your own website to our resources, make sure to use our official, authenticated URLs.  These can be found in column E on this Google Spreadsheet.  More info on BadgerLink on your Website


I don’t live in Wisconsin. Can I use BadgerLink?

Nope, sorry!  The BadgerLink contracts stipulate that access is given only to Wisconsin residents.  See what resources your state provides.


Where can I recommend a resource?

BadgerLink resources are purchased with Universal Service Funds appropriated through Wisconsin’s biennial budget process.  Content is selected through a solicitation process governed by Department of Administration (DOA) guidelines.  Once the contracts have been awarded and appropriated funds have been encumbered for the purchase of the selected resources, contracts are signed.

BadgerLink is not able to change resources or vendors in the middle of a contract or without an awarded solicitation.  However, we do want to know what resources you think would be best for BadgerLink! 

Contact RL&LL to
recommend resources



What are the copyright restrictions of BadgerLink resources?

Content is licensed for personal and educational use by Wisconsin residents. 

  • Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers is owned by the Wisconsin Newspaper Association and its contents are protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws. You may use the site and its contents for personal research and educational purposes only

  • Britannica School is licensed for personal and educational use by Wisconsin residents. Go to the Britannica Terms of Use page for more copyright information.

  • EBSCO resources are licensed for personal and educational use by Wisconsin residents. Go to the EBSCO License Agreement page for more information. 

  • LearningExpress Library is licensed for educational or personal use by Wisconsin residents. Please contact for all content permissions inquiries.

  • ProQuest: HeritageQuest Online, Library Edition World Collection and U.S. Newsstream are licensed for personal and educational use by Wisconsin residents. Go to the ProQuest Terms and Conditions page for more information.

  •'s resources are licensed for personal and educational use by Wisconsin residents. Go to the Policies page for more information.

If you have any questions about using BadgerLink resources, Ask a Librarian!