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Build A Better World

During the Summer, and all year long!

You already coordinate learning activities at your library. Let us help you create great and easy programming! Each box connects you to a Google Docs folder with a plan and pre-made promotional materials you can customize.

Build a Road Storytime

For Children
Use a science experiment from YC: Young Children to plan a fun storytime that involves building roads.

Build A Coffee Can Speaker

For Young Adults
Use a science experiment from Science & Children to build coffee can speakers.

Utopian Classics Book Club

For Adults
Read these classics with your library users and build a better tomorrow.

Build a Poem

For Young Adults & Adults

Use BadgerLink literary resources to explore poetry and encourage participants to create their own poetry.

Build Your Historic City

For Everyone
This drop-in program uses BadgerLink resources to find historic photos & information that are then displayed in your library.


For Everyone
This drop-in program uses a familiar game to introduce library users to BadgerLink resources.

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Build a Better World Book Displays

Get ideas for great displays for the "Build a Better World" theme.

Building Bibliography

Check out other activities available on BadgerLink that work with the "Build a Better World" theme.

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Use this web form to request BadgerLink training for your library.

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