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Library Program Ideas

Eight library program ideas using BadgerLink resources, including plans and customizable promotional materials. Tell us how it went or share your story!


Build a Road Storytime

For Children
Use a science experiment from YC: Young Children to plan a fun storytime that involves building roads.

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Build A Coffee Can Speaker

For Young Adults
Use a science experiment from Science & Children to build coffee can speakers.


Utopian Classics Book Club

For Adults
Read these classics with your library users and build a better tomorrow.

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Build a Poem

For Young Adults & Adults

Use BadgerLink literary resources to explore poetry and encourage participants to create their own poetry.

historic building

Build Your Historic City

For Everyone
This drop-in program uses BadgerLink resources to find historic photos & information that are then displayed in your library.

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For Everyone
This drop-in program uses a familiar game to introduce library users to BadgerLink resources.

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Build a Better World Book Displays

Get ideas for great displays for the "Build a Better World" theme.

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Building Bibliography

Check out other activities available on BadgerLink that work with the "Build a Better World" theme.

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