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Career Cruising

Career Cruising

Career Cruising is career planning tool that is licensed for use by Wisconsin’s K-12 students. Contact your school for log in details.

Job Seeker

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Job Seeker is a collection of free resources, recommended by Wisconsin public libraries, to help build skills and find jobs.



WISCAT is one way Wisconsin's libraries discover and share materials through interlibrary loan.

The WISCAT resource sharing system consists of a physical union catalog, a virtual union catalog, and an interlibrary loan management module. WISCAT also enables libraries to download MARC records for use in a local online catalog.

Wisconsin Digital Archives

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The Wisconsin Digital Archives is a growing collection of electronic state documents primarily from the Executive and Judicial branches of state government. Documents are available in full-text and cover 2001 to current.


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WISEdash is a data portal that uses "dashboards," or visual collections of graphs and tables, to provide multi-year education data about Wisconsin schools. Current and Certified data can be displayed for multiple years and it can be grouped and filtered by a variety of demographics.



WISELearn provides a centralized location for classroom resources and professional learning resources for all Wisconsin educators. This free online portal brings WI content to one easy to search spot.