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Library of the Month: Luck Public School's 7-12 Library

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Library of the Month is a celebration of Wisconsin libraries compiled by the BadgerLink team.

BadgerLink is an excellent resource for educators and students!

At Luck High School, students and teachers take advantage of the resources in BadgerLink. According to Lori Nelson, the  PreK-12 Luck Library Media Specialist, students use BadgerLink for research projects “because BadgerLink provides reliable information on virtually any topic.”

BadgerLink is a great resource for basic fact-finding or an in-depth research project. BadgerLink allows Wisconsin residents to access popular, current full-text magazines and newspapers that are easily incorporated into the research and classroom projects. Students can use encyclopedias in BadgerLink to get general knowledge. Students and teachers alike, can download audio and sound effect  tracks from Soundzabound to put in presentations, YouTube videos, or other multimedia displays without worrying about copyright infringement.

Likewise, in BadgerLink, educators can easily access to exceptional classroom resources. Multimedia from a variety of resources (videos in Wisconsin Media Lab, animations is Consumer Health Complete, or images in Britannica School) provides clarification and helps educators describe complex ideas. Using BadgerLink, educators and librarians can access ideas for classroom activities and games as well as conduct educational research and participate in self-guided training.

BadgerLink resources are great for all students and lifelong learners and are available to all Wisconsin residents at Annually, BadgerLink costs over $2.2 million. It sounds like a lot of money, but if each library in Wisconsin purchased the same resources, the total cost would be over $74 million. In the era of small budgets, BadgerLink is particularly important to communities that are without the funding to spend on licensing reliable online resources.