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Library of the Month: Racine Unified School District

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Library of the Month is a celebration of Wisconsin libraries compiled by the BadgerLink team.

Staff at RUSD Thank you to Racine Unified School District! In 2014 the RUSD website had the most referrals to the BadgerLink website--over 9,000 clicks to!

At Racine Unified School District the library is a place to create, collaborate, and learn. Recently, RUSD updated one high school and three elementary libraries to be 21st Century Learning Centers. These new library spaces provide a fun space for students to learn. Students can conduct research, read, and work on projects in comfortable and movable furniture. Going beyond the regular table and chairs that you find in most libraries, in a 21st Century Learning Center students feel “at home” at the library. The 21st Century Learning Center is more conducive to engagement than a traditional library setting; students enjoy using technology in comfortable surroundings which leads to more studying, collaboration, and learning. The 21st Century Learning Centers have been so successful that there are plans to transform 5 more libraries this summer with the help and support from Superintendent Lolli Haws. Rosalie Daca Chief Academic Officer is also working hard to make all RUSD Libraries' fun learning environments for students.

Educators at RUSD find that BadgerLink is an awesome resource for students and staff to use. At Park High School, Librarian Mary McGlade teaches all freshmen information literacy skills during a Health Research Project. Students use BadgerLink and other online resources to research a health topic and then share the information gathered with their classmates. Through this assignment, students learn to evaluate sources, how to use information responsibility, how to find information, and along the way, students begin to understand the value of being able to locate and use information from multiple sources

Students at RUSD use BadgerLink every day for research projects, class work, and much more. In Racine, the library is a great place for students to come and learn and engage.