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Changes to EBSCO’s Whitelist for Firewalls & Proxy Servers Coming in July

Thursday, June 23, 2016

If your organization restricts system access to particular IP addresses - also known as “whitelisting,” read on for information about changes coming from EBSCO and how you may be affected.


BadgerLink, Wisconsin’s Online Library, subscribes to many EBSCO databases ( which your patrons, students, and staff may be using for research. In an effort to provide the best possible response times to these subscriptions and services, in July 2016, EBSCO is making adjustments to their technical infrastructure. To accomplish this, the services will be delivered from a much larger range of IP addresses and they will no longer be able to provide a list of the IP addresses used by their servers.


Organizations who utilize whitelists will need to change their configurations to utilize domain names instead. An updated list of domains is available here: This page is also included in the BadgerLink Set-Up Guide.

Contact BadgerLink at if you have any questions.