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HTTPS Coming to BadgerLink's Super Search to Protect User Privacy - What Libraries & Schools Need to Know

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Starting in two weeks (November 15th-December 6th), Auto-Graphics, Inc., the vendor behind BadgerLink’s Super Search and authentication, will be activating HTTPS for all its products.

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). As an HTTPS website, all information sent using a web browser to Super Search will be encrypted, preventing anyone from intercepting the message anywhere along the network to the server. Searches within Super Search will be protected. 

Image of a green padlock
A green lock icon in your
browser's search bar indicates
that a site uses HTTPS

What do libraries and schools need to do to prepare for HTTPS?

Probably nothing. Any library or school using recent versions of any of the major browsers will have HTTPS support built in. If you are using older versions of browser software, you may want to update to a newer version. While some libraries or schools restrict access to websites to ensure adherence to local, county, state, or federal regulations, it would be unusual to restrict access to certain HTTPS enabled sites.

You can check to see if your computers are blocking the necessary ports by clicking on this link: If you get to a demo page containing a search bar at the top, without errors, your institution does not block HTTPS specific ports. If you get any kind of error message, please consult with your IT staff to allow HTTPS Internet traffic.

HTTPS helps libraries and schools serve their users

Libraries, like any provider of a service to the public, must have the confidence of the public to succeed and thrive. Patron privacy is one way to tell your library users you have respect for them and their needs, and for patrons to be assured the library is acting in their best interests. Moving from HTTP to a secure HTTPS communications platform helps convey that message.

Please contact BadgerLink at, if you have any questions or concerns.