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BadgerLink Resources and Training Materials for Educators

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

BadgerLink has quality online resources for everyone in Wisconsin. It's well known that we have a lot of great materials for students. But we also provide tons of great resources for educators!

From the BadgerLink homepage, you can browse our resources by format, subject, or audience. When you select "Educator" under Audience, you get a listing of all the great resources that are relevant to teachers. BadgerLink Resources Filtered by Audience: Educator

We have:

Find Training: Videos, Websites, and PDFs

We also provide a variety of training materials so you know how to use our resources. There are two ways to find training materials. See the instructions as a PDF.

One way to find training materials is to go to our Training page. You can get to the page from the blue navigation bar at the top of the page. Once on the Training page, use the filters to find the materials you need.

On the BadgerLink training page you’ll find:

  • The BadgerLink Set Up Guide, which is a handbook for school and library staff to learn the system requirements and basic guidelines for use of BadgerLink resources
  • Fliers detailing how to use Google Classroom with LitFinder, EBSCO, and resources
  • A video on how to set up an educator account with Britannica 
  • A video and instructions on how to search for lesson plans in EBSCO resources
  • And so much more!

The other way to find training materials is to go to the resource's Full Details & Training page (Example: Science Reference Center Full Details & Training page). First, find a resource you want training on. On the resource listing, click on "Read more..." Then click on "Full Details & Training." Once on the Full Details & Training page, scroll down to find the training materials for the resource.

For Educators Materials

Screenshot showing the For Educators section of the page that you can see when you click on Read more...Some of our resources have lesson plans or other documents that help you use the resource in the classroom.

If a resource has any supporting documents, Click on Read more... and check out the links in the For Educators section. You can also find the links on the Full Details & Training page!

Introduction for Educators Video

To help educators (and librarians!) become familiar with BadgerLink, we put together this short video.

You can also view the video on the BadgerLink Training page.