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Science Reference Center

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Science Reference Center, BadgerLink's premier STEM resource for students, educators and librarians, is chock full of full-text reference books, images and magazines.  Over the years we've heard many of you comment on its usefulness teaching not only key topics but the research skills needed to succeed in college and beyond. 

As Arlen Kimmelman, School Librarian and Techbrarian at Clearview Regional High School in New Jersey, writes in her EBSCOpost blog article Sprouting Good Habits with Science Reference Center, this database is key for teaching information literacy and critical thinking skills.  According to one of her students, "Googling can give you thousands of websites to use as a source, but they aren't always reliable, and it's hard to narrow them down using Google.  Using the databases helps us find good sources that support our research instead of finding a weird and random website with something that could be completely made up." 

Read Arlen's article and find more supplemental tools about Science Reference Center on the BadgerLink website at, including a Scavenger Hunt and Educator Resources.

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