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Access BadgerLink Resources from Anywhere

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Educators and librarians understand the importance of using trusted, reliable resources like those provided by BadgerLink, Wisconsin’s Online Library. While you and your students can always access directly through the BadgerLink website, you can also seamlessly integrate these resources into your existing sites, tools, and platforms, including:

  • Linking to specific resources on your district website*
  • A library management platform, such as Follett Destiny
  • A learning management system, such as Canvas and Schoology
  • A single sign-on tool, such as ClassLink and Clever

With the right information and a little help from the BadgerLink team, your students and fellow staff will be set for success no matter where the learning is occurring - at school, at home, or anywhere in between!

Take a look at our Educator & Librarian Guide: Accessing BadgerLink at School and Home to learn more. Contact us to get started.

*Double check your links are the same as those found in column F by Dec 1, 2020.