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Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with BadgerLink

Monday, November 15, 2021

During Native American History Month and throughout the year, explore resources and publications on American Indian culture and heritage available through BadgerLink.


TeachingBooks is an engaging collection of resources that brings books to life with author interviews, lesson plans & interactive activities, discussions guides and more to support literacy instruction. The American Indian Collection has 1,461 book resources by American Indian authors, and/or from the perspective of American Indian culture and heritage.

Additional featured lists, include:

Academic Search Premier

Academic journals for scholarly research.

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  • American Indian & Alaska Native Mental Health Research: The Journal Of The National Center (11/01/2003 To Present)

  • Tribal College Journal (03/01/2000 To Present)

Education Research Complete

Research covering all levels of education from early childhood to higher education.

  • American Indian Higher Educational Experiences: Cultural Visions & Personal Journeys (02/01/2008)

  • Examining American Indian Perspectives In The Central Region On Parent Involvement In Children's Education (08/01/2008)

  • National Indian Education Study: Part II: The Educational Experiences Of Fourth- & Eighth-Grade American Indian & Alaska Native Students (10/01/2006)

MasterFILE Complete

Popular full-text magazines, reference books and other sources from world's leading publishers.

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  • Native Peoples Magazine (01/01/1992 to 11/01/2016)

  • American Indian Quarterly (01/01/1990 to present)

  • Windspeaker (01/01/2000 to 12/15/2016)

  • News from Native California (01/01/2002 to present)


Fiction reading recommendation resource with read-alikes, discussion guides, and reading lists.