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Locating Magazines in BadgerLink Resources

Thursday, December 16, 2021

There are two quick ways to access magazines within BadgerLink resources: one is through Popular Magazines page and the other is to search by publication title in MasterFILE Complete. Here are some quick tips and tricks when using these resources:

  • From the Popular Magazines page, be sure to follow the directions at the top of the page. Use the Authenticate Me link so you are prompted to log in to BadgerLink, if needed. Be sure to do this before you click on a magazine link.

Screenshot of Popular Magazines with Authenticate Me highlighted by red box

  • If a publication title you seek is not listed on the Popular Magazines page,it still may be available via BadgerLink resources! Search by publication title in MasterFILE Complete, a BadgerLink resource with more than 2,300 full-text magazines and journals.

Screenshot of MasterFILE Complete home page with red arrow pointing to Publications tab in top blue bar

  • From both the Popular Magazines page and when searching by publication title in MasterFILE Complete, hyperlinks of the magazine title take you to that magazine’s publication page. From the publication page, you can either (1) search within the publication, or (2) browse an issue by date.

Screenshot of National Geographic Publication page with Search within Publication and Issues listed by date highlighted with red boxes

  • If selecting Search Within Publication from the publication page, make sure to leave JN [Title of the Publication] within the search box and add AND [your search term] to your search. This way you are searching for your topic within the publication.

Screenshot within MasterFILE Complete with JN "National Geographic" and Egyptian pyramids in the search box

We hope this information helps you locate your favorite magazines in BadgerLink resources. Questions? Ask a Librarian!