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Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Life and Work

Thursday, January 13, 2022

On this year's Martin Luther King Jr. Day, take a look at historic accounts of his work in BadgerLink resources.

This 1956 article from Ebony Magazine in MasterFILE Complete presents information on the civil rights leader and his plan for African Americans' equality in Montgomery, Alabama.

"...Even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream." -Martin Luther King Jr.

Read the full “I have a Dream” speech in Literary Reference Center Plus. His famous speech at the historic March in Washington on August 28, 1963, spoke to the amendment of civil rights legislation, the struggle of African Americans for social injustices, and the search for freedom and equality.

“...determinations driven by dreams of greater and brighter tomorrows” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Written by Dr. King, Dreams of Bigger Tomorrows, explores his experience of being awarded the Nobel Prize.  This article was published in Ebony Magazine, and is available in MasterFILE Complete

"I come to you tonight to remind you once more that we still have a long, long way to go." -Martin Luther King Jr.

His speech entitled "A Long, Long Way to Go," presented in Dallas, Texas on January 25, 1965, is about the struggle of African-Americans for civil rights, the continuing protest for segregation and social injustices and the development of the Voting Rights Act 1965. The full speech is found in Literary Reference Center Plus.

Additional Resources

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Read about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life and legacy (including when the federal holiday honoring him began) in Britannica School.