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LearningExpress Library Highlight Series: Adult Core Skills

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

LearningExpress Library is a collection of web-based test preparation tools and skill-building materials. LearningExpress Library has eight centers, four of which are specifically for adult learners to gain knowledge and develop skills. Over the next two weeks, Bulletin will highlight unique content of these four centers: Adult Core Skills, Career Preparation, High School Equivalency, and Recursos para Hispanohablantes.

LearningExpress Library’s Adult Core Skills Center helps adult learners achieve personal education and career goals by building skills in math, reading and writing. There are also resources to prepare to take the United States Citizenship test. 

Build Math Skills 

Work on basic math and algebra skills tutorials, as well as practice sets in the following math topics:

Basic Algebra Measurement
Data, Graphs, and Statistics Percents
Decimals Ratio and Proportion
Fractions and Mixed Numerals Real Numbers
Geometry Whole Numbers

There are also eBooks on Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, and Math Test Preparation.

501 Math Problems Cover page
eBook available
in Adult Core Skills

Become a Better Reader

Find eBooks, practice sets, and tutorials that walk through vocabulary, spelling, and other essential reading skills for better comprehension and memory. Each tutorial offers practice, review, and evaluation to reinforce what is learned. 

Persuasive reading test in Adult Core Skills
Persuasive reading test in Adult Core Skills

Improve Writing, Speaking, and Grammar

Sharpen writing skills with tutorials that provide brainstorming and organizational techniques, review grammar, spelling, and mechanics, as well as provide a space to practice writing. Practice sets will help pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses by measuring your skills in capitalization, grammar/usage, manuscript elements, punctuation, and spelling. EBooks on writing, grammar, essay writing, and public speaking are also available. 

Writing Skills tutorial in Adult Core Skills
Writing Skills tutorial in Adult Core Skills

Become a U.S. Citizen

Prepare for the United States Citizenship exam with practice tests, eBooks, articles, and flashcards (available in both English and Spanish). There are also eBooks on obtaining a Green Card. 

Flashcards for Citizen test in English
English-language flashcards
in Adult Core Skills
Flashcards for Citizen test in Spanish
Spanish-language flashcards
in Adult Core Skills



















Register for an Account

Everyone needs to register for an account to access LearningExpress Library’s content. Account registration is quick and easy.

LearningExpress Library registration page
LearningExpress Library registration page

Once an account has been created, users can view eBooks and flashcards they’ve downloaded, start and stop any practice test or tutorial, and pick up right where they left off through the My Center feature. They can also download and share their progress.

LearningExpress Library My Center
LearningExpress Library My Center

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