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Updates to Two EBSCO Resources

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Two BadgerLink resources from EBSCO are getting updates to their interfaces this summer: Consumer Health Complete was updated this June, while Explora is being updated in July. 

Consumer Health Complete is a full text database with consumer-oriented health content, from mainstream to holistic medicine. 

Explora is an interface for one-stop searching across multiple EBSCO resources. BadgerLink provides access to four levels of Explora, to search a variety of EBSCO resources by audience need and complexity level: Explora for Elementary, Explora for Middle & High School, Explora Educator's Edition, and Explora for Everyone. To learn which resources are searched, click on the linked title.  

Updates to Explora

Get a sneak peek of Explora's changes and learn more about the new features in a visual guide or Explora Quick Start Guide, created and shared by EBSCO.  

Updates to Consumer Health Complete 

Updates to content include:

  • An updated collection of nearly 340 health reference e-books and encyclopedias, including the McGill Medical Guide and reference books on diabetes, infectious diseases and medical conditions
  • 300 updated animations with transcripts, metadata and subjects
  • Hundreds of updated pamphlets
  • 70 updated health reports

Updates to the interface include:

  • Simple search, including ability to filter results by source type, subject, publication date and publication name
  • Ability to browse trending topics within popular health categories, including:
    • Aging
    • Children, Youth & Families
    • Diseases
    • Environmental & Public Health
    • Nutrition and Exercise
    • Pregnancy & Childbirth
    • Substance Abuse
  • Ability to browse evidence-based health reports, drug information, natural and alternative treatments, and medical images and diagrams
  • Quick Find feature that provides easy access to an A-to-Z list of health reports on common diseases, conditions and injuries
  • Ability to save articles to Google Drive or password-protected personal folders
  • Text-to-speech for HTML articles to assist struggling readers, auditory learners and those developing English-language proficiency
  • Full-text translation in more than 30 languages for HTML articles
  • Option to export citations to RefWorks, NoodleTools, EasyBib and other bibliographic management platforms
  • Ability to view, save, print and email citations in many different formats

Want to add these two resources to your website?

The direct link to Consumer Health Complete to add to your library’s website is and either logo can be used:

Consumer Health Complete logoConsumer Health Complete logo

The direct links to Explora to add to your library’s website are:

Explora for Elementary is

Explora for Middle and High Schools is

Explora Educator's Edition is

Explora for Everyone is

These logos can be used for Explora:

Explora logoExplora logo

To add these resources to your school’s learning management system, library management system, or single sign-on platform, please contact us!