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Seamless Access at Your Library or School

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

One benefit of the 60+ resources provided through BadgerLink is the seamless access possible at your library or school, no login needed!

How does this work?

Your library or school's external IP address(es) are up to date Users click on relevant resource links via your own website and the BadgerLink website  =  Seamless access without having to login.

How do I know if my external IP address(es) for my library or district are up to date? 

Contact us to request what we currently have on file, or submit your current external IP address(es) using BadgerLink's IP reporting form

What if our users are logging in through a different platform already?

Options are also available to integrate the resources into your single sign-on, learning management system, or library management system. Reach out for details.

But the Login link on the BadgerLink website makes it seem like I need to log in!

Some users may choose to log in before accessing the resources, but this is typically not necessary if connected to a library or school network. Some schools use security software that masks student IP addresses, and in these instances students may need to log in. We'll determine together if this is the case and discuss login options with you!

More questions? Contact Us!