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Stephanie's BadgerLink Story

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Stephanie Snyder is a Library Media Specialist at Bay View High School in Milwaukee Public Schools. Stephanie has been a BadgerLink Advisory Group member since Spring 2022. Check out her BadgerLink story below and on the BadgerLink Stories page.  

"The most important thing about Badgerlink is that students can go home and share this resource with their families."


Bay View High School students working together in front of computer Bay View High School students researching with BadgerLink resources

When I first found out how extensive the Badgerlink Resource was, I couldn't believe the abundance of riches available to the people of Wisconsin. Since I started working for Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) I have found more and more opportunities to show students all the ways they can use Badgerlink to improve their academic, leisure and career opportunities.

Bay View has career curriculum as well as academic, and Badgerlink's Learning Express Library Career Preparation resources has been helpful to our Business and Culinary students who want to study for Hospitality, Cosmetology and Firefighting Exams. I have showed students the ACT College Prep courses available [in LearningExpress Library's College Admissions Test Preparation], as well as the ASVAB study resources .

I have worked with the NAF Academy teachers to supplement their unit plans with Badgerlink Resources found in the Explora For Middle and High School. I have also used Explora to help the Tenth Grade AP English students with their research.

Users also have the ability to read past and present issues of Newspapers, both local and bigger papers that carry national news, like the New York Times [in resource U.S. Newsstream].

The most important thing about Badgerlink is that students can go home and share this resource with their families. It is available for everyone with a library card and available for every MPS student. It is a vital tool for getting a foothold on equity in Wisconsin.

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