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History Reference Center

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History Reference Center

Full-text history reference resource


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  • Full-text books, magazines, historical documents, biographies, and multimedia
  • Nearly 57,000 historical documents and 40,000 historical photos and maps
  • More than 1,990 full-text reference books
  • Full-text articles are searchable by reading level indicator (Lexile)

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EBSCO Info Sheet

Learn how to search and navigate EBSCO resources as well as find information about the full-text content permalinks, citations, and the copyright of this resource

History Reference Center Tutorial

Video Length: 0-5 min

Learn about the search features of History Reference Center

History Reference Center Help

This user guide provides information on searching and browsing, frequently asked questions, educator resources, and training and promotional materials for History Reference Center

Primary Sources

Video Length: 0-5 min

Learn how to find primary sources in Access NewspaperARCHIVE & History Reference Center (from 1-4-2016)

History Reference Center Webinar

Video Length: 21+ min

Learn how to find primary sources, articles, book chapters, and multimedia using History Reference Center (from 4-9-2015)

EBSCO Curriculum Standards Module

Video Length: 0-5 min

Learn how to use the Curriculum Standards Module available on several EBSCO interfaces