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We updated our website!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It has been 18 months since our website redesign - wow how time flies! Based on both internal and external feedback, we’ve made a few changes to enhance user experience.

Revision of FAQs

  • We updated our Frequently Asked Questions, removing questions that weren’t frequently asked and adding a couple that were. Did we miss something obvious? Let us know.

Revision of About BadgerLink page

  • The About BadgerLink page was pretty text-heavy. We thought long and hard about why you use the resources and why BadgerLink is so important. All in a more visually appealing way. 

Listing of resources on format and subject pages

  • BadgerLink has a lot of great resources, but our format and subject pages were a bit overwhelming. We re-evaluated and removed some of the options, with hopes you will have an easier time choosing the most appropriate resource. If we moved something that you used frequently, let us know.

Videos, Webinars, and Documentation page is now called Training

  • The previous name was a really long way of saying Training.  

New Format Pages

The BadgerLink team is planning a few more updates to our website. Stay tuned for details!