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For the Classroom

Thursday, November 2, 2023

The For Library Staff page on the BadgerLink website offers key materials and documents to support you in accessing, sharing, and learning about BadgerLink resources. The next few weeks of Bulletin posts will highlight each section of the page so you know what is there and how to use it to your advantage. Previous posts in the series include Getting Started, Resource Guides, Marketing the Resources, and Training Materials.

For the Classroom

There are BadgerLink resources especially applicable to K-12 students when they are researching in the classroom. The materials below and in the For the Classroom section of the For Library Staff page offer ways to incorporate BadgerLink resources into classroom activities.


Scavenger hunt offers a chance for students and young library users to explore BadgerLink resources with interesting questions posed to them, and steps for finding the answer on the back. Use it in the classroom with students of all ages! 

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Check out Research Guide (for older students) and Super 3 Research Guide (for younger students) to utilize BadgerLink resources during each step of the research process.