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Training Materials

Thursday, October 26, 2023

The For Library Staff page on the BadgerLink website offers key materials and documents to support you in accessing, sharing, and learning about BadgerLink resources. The next few weeks of Bulletin posts will highlight each section of the page so you know what is there and how to use it to your advantage. Previous posts in the series include Getting Started, Resource Guides, and Marketing the Resources.

Asynchronous Training Materials

Info sheets or PDFs, videos, and websites covering the resources.


Info sheets are informational handouts on resources, often times including a screenshot(s) of the home page or basic search. Tips and tricks are usually pointed out. Info sheets can be downloaded, printed, or linked to from library websites. 

Some example info sheets are:

Screenshot of Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers info sheet  Screenshot of LearningExpress Library info sheet  Screenshot of US Newsstream info sheet


Videos can be short, informative clips from content providers, or longer recordings of live training sessions provided by BadgerLink staff. Duration can range from ~3 minutes to between 25-30 minutes. 

Some recently added videos include:

Screenshot of Public Library Resources video

Screenshot of BadgerLink Elementary Resources video

Screenshot of Middle School Resources video

Screenshot of High School Resources video

" "

Websites containing additional training opportunities created and provided by BadgerLink content providers.

Live Training Opportunities

Library staff can also request personalized BadgerLink training any time for free by filling out the request training form

Need technical assistance with integrating BadgerLink resources into your SSO, Destiny Discover, or updating resource links on your library website? Schedule a call with Elizabeth or Jen through Microsoft Bookings.