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News and updates on BadgerLink including resource highlights, user stories, and training opportunities.

Access NewspaperARCHIVE Functionality Updates


Access NewspaperARCHIVE has recently made some changes to their newspaper resource, including upgrading their search index, which means a better user experience! You may notice searches moving faster than usual in Access...

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What is your BadgerLink Story?

BadgerLink, Training/Outreach

"BadgerLink is not just for students. I am so impressed with what's available in BadgerLink that I cannot express it in words. I have always found the access to newspapers valuable as a librarian in the business world." -- Rhonda, Business...

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Summer Class and Office Hours Schedule

BadgerLink, Training/Outreach

We hope you’ve been enjoying our Class and Office Hours! We will be taking June and July off from our Class and Office Hours schedule but we’ll return in August.

You don’t have to stop learning!

You are welcome to explore our...

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Library of the Month: Wilson Junior High School Library

BadgerLink, Library of the Month

The Library of the Month is a celebration of Wisconsin libraries compiled by the BadgerLink team.

The BadgerLink team recently noticed a lot of visits to our website from the Wilson Junior High Library’s LibGuide. So we reached out to...

Learn with BadgerLink on May 30 at 3 PM. Join us for both a Class and Office Hours, or drop in for one or the other.

May Class and Office Hours

PBS Wisconsin Education, Training/Outreach
Learn with BadgerLink on May 30 at 3 PM. Join us for both a Class and Office Hours, or drop in for one or the other.
Join this 20-minute Class to learn about the collection of resources provided by Wisconsin Public...
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BadgerLink Resources and Training Materials for Educators

BadgerLink, Resource Highlight, Training/Outreach

BadgerLink has quality online resources for everyone in Wisconsin. It's well known that we have a lot of great materials for students. But we also provide tons of great resources for educators!

From the BadgerLink homepage, you can browse...

BadgerLink Behind the Scenes: History, Funding, and Support

BadgerLink, Training/Outreach
You probably already know about all the great resources available through BadgerLink, a service provided by the Department of Public Instruction, but you may not know just how BadgerLink came to be, how it’s funded, and who is working...
Hedberg Public Library

Library of the Month: Hedberg Public Library in Janesville

BadgerLink, Library of the Month

The Library of the Month feature is a celebration of Wisconsin libraries.

Building Community is a philosophy that the Hedberg Public Library (HPL) in Janesville has fully embraced, interweaving that concept into everything the library...

Computer Skills Center No Longer Available

LearningExpress, Update

The LearningExpress Library Computer Skills Center is no longer available through BadgerLink.

While we are unable to provide the Computer Skills Center, we know how important computer skills training is. We can...

Join us for Class and Office Hours on the last Tuesday of the month!

April Class and Office Hours

Britannica Digital Learning, Training/Outreach
Learn with BadgerLink on April 25 at 3 PM. Join us for both a Class and Office Hours, or drop in for one or the other.
During the April Class, we'll explore Britannica's Spanish Resources. Join this 20-minute Class to...