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Online Research: What resource should I use?

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

BadgerLink is Wisconsin’s Online Library and has the resources you need for your research. We provide access to magazines, journals, newspapers and other primary sources that cover almost every topic imaginable. Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing some tips and tricks to jumpstart your research!

Get Started

Our go-to starting point for online research is the BadgerLink website! From our homepage, you can browse our resources by format, subject, or audience. Then on our Browse Resources page, you can add multiple filters to get a nice list of resources.

Think Broadly

We know that we don’t have every subject possible listed on our homepage. That would be a very long list and you probably wouldn’t want to read it. So don’t look for a specific topic, like the effects of smoking; look for the broader subject, like Health.

Think Format

Another way to find content is to think about the format you want. We don’t have a psychology subject because we don’t have a resource specifically devoted to psychology, but you can still find plenty of great articles. If you’re looking for peer reviewed research from a psychology journal, try searching Scholarly Journals.

Search Smart

When you have a topic that may straddle multiple subjects, use an interface that searches multiple resources at the same time. Do one search across multiple resources instead of multiple searches in several resources. Interfaces like Explora for Everyone (from EBSCO) and our Super Search allows you to search multiple resources at the same time.

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