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BadgerLink on your Website

Schools, libraries, and other community organizations are welcome to add links to the BadgerLink website or individual resources, as well as training and promotional videos and documents on their website. For information on adding resources to your proxy server, library management platform, local catalog, or single sign-on please see our BadgerLink Set-Up Guide. This short video helps explain the importance of using the correct links in order to route users into our licenses.

  1. Use the BadgerLink Resource URLs Google Sheet to find direct links (column F) and standard resource descriptions for use on your website.
  2. When you provide direct access on your website, please credit BadgerLink! For example: Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers (BadgerLink)
  3. Add the BadgerLink logo or any resource logo as found on the All Resources page.

BadgerLink logo

<a href="" title="search BadgerLink"><img alt="BadgerLink" border="0" src=""></a>


BadgerLink logo

<a href="" title="search BadgerLink"> <img alt="BadgerLink" border="0" src="">