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Dave's Story

My BadgerLink Story

"BadgerLink is a tremendous resource for learning."

Dave Dave, Tutor
Milltown, WI

This was an exciting week for me as a tutor. I work with a 51 year old man who worked his entire adult life in the auto tire business changing tires, but he was laid off over a year ago. He had never finished high school and couldn't find another job. He had twice before tried unsuccessfully to obtain his GED and when I met him through the Northern Waters Literacy program, he was tested at a 4th grade reading level. After 8 months, working weekly on spelling and grammar, he improved to 8th grade level. My student had also never read a book, gotten a library card, or used the internet. We went to the library and achieved all three!

A librarian at the Milltown Public Library showed me the LearningExpress Library High School Equivalency Center which includes practice tests and skill building materials to help learners prepare for the GED. I was able to take the essay test myself to better understand the level of competency necessary and my student was able to do the same. 

My student obtained a job in a different industry and we will continue to study weekly. Of course, along the way, I have learned as much, or more, about how to teach and listen more effectively. I believe in learning something every day and BadgerLink is a tremendous resource to do just that.