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As Wisconsin's Online Library, BadgerLink provides access to over 60 licensed resources spanning multiple interests and formats. Resources are used at over 850 Wisconsin schools, libraries, and community organizations around the state, and from the comfort of home.

Quantitative data stemming from the licensed resources are one aspect when considering the value of BadgerLink. The sections below provide usage information for the current vendors. Qualitative data is another important aspect, and the BadgerLink Stories provide compelling local use cases, demonstrating the importance of high-quality resources for all ages and learning needs. 

If you are a school, library, or community organization and are looking for your BadgerLink usage statistics, contact us to learn more.

BadgerLink Usage Data: Successful Retrievals of Electronic Information

Successful Retrievals reflects a combination of metrics from all BadgerLink vendors, showing the "number of full-content units or descriptive records examined, downloaded, or otherwise supplied to a user." 

  • 2023 - 8,073,303
  • 2022 - 7,577,371
  • 2021 - 7,884,991
  • 2020 - 7,828,056

2020-2023 Successful Retrievals Chart

What Metrics Are Collected To Determine Successful Retrievals?

All BadgerLink vendors provide a metric that demonstrates retrievals, or the act leading to a retrieval. The chart below shows the best available metric used to determine successful retrievals.


Vendor Metric Collected
Britannica Digital Learning (2016 - ) Documents & Media
EBSCO (2016 - ) Total Item Investigations
HeritageQuest Online (2016 - ) Searches
LearningExpress Library (2016 - ) Total # of Resources
ProQuest (Nov 2018 - ) Result Clicks
ProQuest U.S. Newsstream (Oct 2018 - 2019) Result Clicks
ProQuest U.S. Newsstream (2020 - ) Total Item Investigations
TeachingBooks (2016 - 2019) Result Clicks
TeachingBooks (2020 - ) Total (Item) Investigations
Wisconsin Newspaper Association Archive of WI Newspapers (2016 - ) Pageviews