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BadgerLink Advisory Group

The BadgerLink Advisory Group seeks to improve the ability of all Wisconsin residents to access and effectively use high-quality, licensed resources provided by BadgerLink, expand program visibility, and build stronger relationships between the program and stakeholders. By gathering the diverse opinions and expertise of Wisconsin's learner communities, the BadgerLink team will develop strategies to adapt and grow the program as needs evolve. 

The advisory group provides a platform and space for members to grow professionally in their field, and the opportunity to provide feedback and advice on topics ranging from:

  • Better representing the content needs of the Wisconsin community
  • Offering better user experience at the BadgerLink website
  • Fulfilling effective training needs of BadgerLink users
  • Introducing BadgerLink to new and diverse audiences

Application and membership is voluntary and open to all Wisconsin library and education professionals, as well as those working with community organizations. Members serve staggered, two-year terms. 

The initial call for applicants took place in summer 2019, and based on selection criteria that included geographic location, organization size and type, level of experience, position or role, and background, 10 individuals were chosen. 

Stay tuned for updates from the group and future calls for applicants on the BadgerLink Bulletin. Subscribe to receive these news posts in your email.