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Rhonda's Story

My BadgerLink Story

"BadgerLink is not just for students."

Rhonda Rhonda, Business Librarian & Records Manager
Wausau, WI

I am so impressed with what's available in BadgerLink that I cannot express it in words. 

I have always found the access to newspapers valuable as a librarian in the business world. I use Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers and Business Source Premier for a lot of my research. But every time I go back to the BadgerLink website, I find something new and more marvelous! In preparing for an upcoming conference for our staff I took another look at BadgerLink. WOW! BadgerLink is not just for students: Auto Repair, Health, Genealogy, the list goes on and on…where does one start? I can’t wait to share this with my co-workers, what a resource!

I want my peers (and not just those who are also parents) to know about the resources available to them in BadgerLink!