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Tips For Finding Information

Some words might be different colors and some words might be different sizes. Usually, when words are different colors or sizes, it means that you should pay attention to them.

During your research, you might find vocabulary you don't know. You can read the word in the sentence and try to figure out what it means or look up the word in a dictionary.

Online Research

Pay attention to the layout of a web page. Sometimes there are options or links listed at the top or on the side of a page. These links may take you to a dictionarytable of contentsglossary, or menu. These options will help you find information.

Use the Evaluating A Resource Google worksheet to help evaluate your online resources.

Research Using Books

Books may also have table of contentsglossary, or index which can make your job as researcher much easier. When you find a book on your topic, looking for these sections should be one of the first things you do.

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