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Meet the Team

The BadgerLink Team is made up of dedicated professionals who work together to provide licensed online content, technical support, training, and supplemental tools to support Wisconsin’s students and lifelong learners.

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Elizabeth Neuman

Technical Services Coordinator

  • Lead technical support
  • Liaison to vendors
  • Would choose water over land

Ben Miller

Assistant Director, RL&LL

  • Provides technical support
  • Favorite Nintendo video game is Contra

Kara Ripley

Reference & BadgerLink Training Librarian

  • Coordinates training
  • Prepares and delivers training for WI organizations
  • British murder mystery enthusiast

Gail Murray

Content Management & Outreach Librarian

  • Provides technical support
  • Prepares and delivers training for WI organizations
  • Loves cats

Martha Berninger

Director RL&LL

  • Manages budgets, contracts, & selection
  • Loves vintage photos