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Britannica Escolar

Enciclopedia español para los estudiantes más jóvenes y educadores Spanish encyclopedia for younger students and educators
  • Completa enciclopedia española - Complete Spanish encyclopedia
  • Incluye artículos, imágenes , mapas, tablas , líneas de tiempo , así como un diccionario completo y atlas - Includes articles, images, maps, tables, timelines, as well as a complete dictionary and atlas

Britannica Fundamentals

Innovative early learning resource for students in grade levels kindergarten through second grade
  • Previously Britannica Learning Zone
  • Play: interactive games on early literacy and math skills
  • Read: animated e-books introducing fundamental concepts while building language, critical thinking, and comprehension skills
  • Create: drawing tool providing students the opportunity to illustrate a concept or express their own personality
  • Explore: videos and images on the biomes of the world and their distinct characteristics

Britannica School - Elementary

Encyclopedia articles with images, maps, games, and other learning materials for elementary school students and educators
  • Every article and image have a citation
  • Double-click on a word for definitions, pronunciations, and Spanish translation
  • Switch between levels to find the appropriately difficult article

Britannica School Atlas - Elementary

Interactive world atlas designed especially for younger students
  • Full-color maps that reflect today's world
  • Access data on population, languages, and monetary units
  • Links to age-appropriate articles​

Britannica School Images & Videos - Elementary

Browse Britannica's images and videos for elementary school students
  • Browse by Animals, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Places, Plants and Other Living Things, Science and Mathematics, Social Studies, Sports and Hobbies, and World Religions
  • All images and videos have a citation

Explora for Elementary Schools

Search interface for EBSCO's elementary school resources
  • Browse by Animals, Arts & Music, Biographies, Geography, Language Arts, Math, Science & Health, and Social Studies
  • Searches American Heritage® Children's Dictionary, Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, and Primary Search
  • Also includes the Primary Search Reference eBook Collection
  • Full-text articles are searchable by reading level indicator (Lexile)
For Educators​

NoveList K-8

Children's fiction recommendation resource with read-alikes, discussion guides, reading lists, and more
  • Search for books by keyword and reading level (Lexile)
  • Includes book recommendations created by book experts
  • Search by terms of appeal like style and mood