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Magazine and Newspaper Articles

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You can find articles in print (reading a physical magazine) or online (using a computer to find and read an article).


The way you are accessing the content doesn't matter as much as the content you are finding. Below is more information.


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In Print

To read magazines in print, you can go to the library to read the newest issue or you can browse older issues.


Browsing issues for a specific topic might be difficult. Let's say you are looking for an article in a magazine about the Revolutionary War. How are you going to know what magazine and issue you should look in?  


When searching for articles on a specific topic, it is usually easier to search online resources such as BadgerLink. 

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Find a listing of all the BadgerLink resources that have newspaper and magazine content: 

BadgerLink Magazines 

BadgerLink Newspapers

Additionally, your library may have subscriptions to other online resources.